The moment which first enlightened me to the power of photography, the moment that transformed my life, occurred in my youth. The beauty and significance of the moment eluded me at the time, but it remains one of my most vivid memories. The deep impression it made is deeply intertwined with my sense of identity, and has shaped my love of photography. When I was a child my grandmother showed me her comprehensive collection of photo albums. I was young and my artistic ineptitude failed to illuminate the historical and emotional significance of the photographs before me. She was able to explain the context of the photographs, the people in them and the events preceding and succeeding the photo. The profound emotional responses elicited by each photograph; happiness, wistfulness, sadness gave me a greater understanding of my grandmothers life and history. I realised she had led a rich, full life. A life I had previously been ignorant of. Photography enables connections and establishes ties to others by providing insight into their life and memories. Seeing how precious photographs are to someone illuminated their importance, not only as recollections, but as powerful emotional cues. The ability of photography to create connections and understanding is what transformed my life.
The power of photography lies in its ability to immortalise a moment in time. Photographs enable instantaneous, vivid recollections of a moment in time. Photography allows us to return to forgotten memories and relive them with lucidity. This precious feature of photography has made it my vocation and passion in life. I help to capture such rare and intimate moments for others, in the hope that these immortal images will be treasured. I have come to photographing weddings primarily because of the exposed display of raw emotion. This characterises my style of photography.

Over the past few years, I have photographed weddings for many couples. I feel privileged to contribute and be a part of these pivotal moments in people’s lives. Truth is in photography and I love that my passion connects people.

Heartbeat photography works to capture your special moments.