In our earlier blog, we discussed a few things that you keep in mind while choosing your wedding photographer. In this blog, we will discuss about why and how you should discuss your requirement with him so that he captures your event the way you want. Briefing is a crucial process before every photo shoot and wedding photography is not exception to this. Most experienced wedding photography Melbourne professionals like me always schedule a pre-event brief with the client so that I can get their inputs and incorporate them in my shoot.

The briefing session serves as a guide for the wedding photographer. You tell him what types of photographs you want. You tell him about the important people he should focus on. You in fact give him the content of the wedding during the brief. When he arrives, he comes prepared to shoot without missing anything or any important aspect. Don’t leave everything on the photographer; he has no idea about the guests you are expecting and the type of post production you want. They don’t know you as a person and by providing them all the relevant information, you will be making their job easier.

Brief him about the key moments of the event

While planning your schedule, make sure you keep your wedding photography Melbourne professional in loop. They should know the schedule very well and should be aware of the happenings. Even if you choose a highly experienced professional, chances are that he may not be aware of your culture and tradition. Inform him the theme of your wedding, about the timings, and about the specific time period when you want him to shoot. Tell him about the important moments such as when is the bride’s hairdo session, the time of the ring exchange ceremony, the first dance, and about the bouquet throwing. He should be aware of each and every key moment so that he can be present there.

Brief him about the key people

Having an unwell or elderly relative attending your wedding and chances are that he may leave early? Inform your photographer so that he can shoot him well before he leaves. Are you having your reporting head and his wife at your wedding? Tell the photographer to capture a few of your pictures with them. Tell him about your family and the family of the groom. Give him family photographs so that he knows who’s who.

Tell him about your preferences

Are you too shy to pose? Don’t worry; just let the photographer know about it and he will manage to click the best photographs without asking you to pose uncomfortably. If you have custom designed your wedding gown, inform about it to the photographer so that he can capture some of its exclusive photographs. If you want some black and white vintage styled photographs, mention this during your briefing session. Talk to the groom and ask him about his preferences as well. Let him also decide what kind of pictures you both want. After all, it’s his day too!

Don’t ignore the briefing session. Don’t cut it short. Instead, coordinate with your wedding photography Melbourne professional as much as possible. I hope now you understand why communicating with your wedding photographer is so important. If you like this blog, why not check out my gallery to see some of my previous work. Contact me at 0401 217 777 if you want me to be a part of your big day.