You work so hard to choose your wedding dress. You spend lavishly to get the venue decorated beautifully. You leave no stone unturned to make your wedding the most extravagant event of your town. So why settle down for any photographer next door? If you really want to cherish your wedding photographs forever, go all out and find a wedding photographer Melbourne who will capture pictures that will be able to take you back to your happiest days even after decades. Here is how you can hire someone who will help you treasure your memories for years.

Hire an experienced wedding photographer Melbourne

Photographing wedding is much different from photographing models and clicking family shots. Here, the photographer has to be quick and should be able to capture the moment before it goes. He should be on his toes to capture the candid smiles. He should be able to click and preserve the emotions of people. He cannot ask the bride and the groom to pose for him frequently. He has to act as a silent observer and should be able to work independently. This requires a lot of patience and practice. Only a skilled professional would be able to do this. I therefore, strongly suggest you to verify the photographer’s credibility before hiring him. Check his portfolio and do not hesitate to ask for references.


Ask for the contract and examine it thoroughly

Once you have narrowed down your searches, it’s time to verify their pricing. Get a detailed quote from them and examine the contract. Most wedding photographers Melbourne do not provide written contracts but it is always better to ask for one. A contract will give you a clear idea of what to expect from him. It will clearly mention the pricing details, the shoot duration, extra charges, termination clauses, insurances, delivery date, and other relevant details. A contract is not mandatory but it will make things clear for you as well as the photographer.

Brief the photographer and ask if he can meet your exact specification

Do you want mostly posed photographers? Hate posing and want the photographer to shoot your natural emotions? Do you like vintage styled post production work? Interested in some glamorous photograph? Want the photographers to shoot your wedding dress in advance, as you have spent a fortune for it? Want some special colour corrected photographs for your social profiles? Whatever be your requirement, make sure you discuss this with the photographer before signing the contract. Ask him if he can comfortably accommodate all your preferences.

Find out about extra hour charges and processing fees

Most photographers will clearly mention their prices and extra charges in their contract. They inform you beforehand so that you can plan your shoot accordingly. However, in many cases, you may have to ask him to stay an hour more. Experienced wedding photographers Melbourne always keep some buffer time in their schedule and will therefore, be able to extend their shooting time but at a cost. Also, they will briefly mention you about their post processing fees, album cost, etc. Read the quote thoroughly and in case you are unable to locate these fees, do not hesitate to ask the photographer.

I hope this blog helps you to choose a photographer who will help you cherish your wedding forever. To know more about my services and prices, contact me at 0401 217 777.